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The Brothers of Parvenza Preview

Over the past week, Hyperfield have been working with the talented animator Dan Keeble, providing sound and music for his upcoming short film ‘The Brothers of Parvenza‘. It’s an awesome four and a half minute film about two brothers and their encounter with a ravenous mythical sea creature that attacks their home island of Parvenza on a fortnightly basis. Film festival goers will likely get a chance to see the film soon, otherwise you can check out the first two minutes below.


Bleeding Rough Trailer

Declan Gallacher and Haymo Wuthrich‘s gritty and exciting short film ‘Bleeding Rough‘ is finally nearing completion, after an intense year of planning, casting, shooting and editing. Hyperfield have worked closely with this ambitious duo along with the sterling cast of actors to bring equally impressive audio to the project, with all dialogue captured on set and a contemporary electronic soundtrack composed by our internal composers Joe De-Vine and David Fenn. The film is to be released in July of this year, but for now, check out this teaser trailer: